Best Internet Browser for Windows XP Professional X64 Edition

What is the Best Internet Browser for Windows XP Professional X64 Edition? Well that is a good question.  Besides being a mouthful to say, this only variant of Windows XP is the only version that supports modern 64-bit hardware. (AMD64 / Intel64)  Windows XP Pro X64 became very popular for computer enthusiasts to install on their computers.  Unfortunately there was not a lot of good driver support when it was first released.   There are still many people using Windows XP Pro X64 today but like its 32-bit counterpart will no longer receive any security updates on April 8, 2014.  So what is the best web browser for Windows XP Professional X64 Edition?

1. Opera 19, Opera has made some interesting changes recently and instead of using their own rendering engine, Presto, they have moved to Webkit.  Webkit is the same rendering engine in Google Chrome and Apple Safari.  What’s nice here is you don’t have to wonder if Google is tracking your every online habit.  All internet conspiracies aside, I found Opera to be a little faster than Chrome in page load and just opening up the program.  I am also willing to bet that Opera will be supporting Windows XP for some time, as they have supported older version of Windows for a while.  You owe it to yourself to check out Opera.

Opera 19 the Best Internet Browser for Windows XP Professional X64 Edition

Opera 19 on Windows XP Pro X64 Edition

2. Mozilla Firefox 26, Firefox was at one time the most used browser other than Internet Explorer and still has a number of people who use it today.  Firefox 26 is great on Windows XP Pro X64.  It is full featured and very fast.  I highly suggest you check out Firefox if you have not recently.

Firefox 26 on Windows XP Professional X64 Edition

Firefox 26 on Windows XP Pro X64 Edition

3. Google Chrome 32, I have to admit I think Google is getting sloppy with Chrome.  Google releases updates very often for Chrome which is not always a bad thing but I am not sure they are always testing these updates as much as they could.  I have noticed Chrome to be buggy at times regardless of which version of Windows I am running.  In my test on Windows XP Pro X64 Chrome 32 was very solid.  It was a tick slower than the other two browsers above but that is it.  I had suggested Windows XP users use Chrome but with Google’s business practices being put under scrutiny and bugs I have noticed in the recent past few releases I have moved this down.  Still it is one of the most used if not most used browser today so check out Chrome.

Google Chrome 32 on Windows XP Professional X64 Edition

Google Chrome 32 on Windows XP Pro X64 Edition

4. FlashPeak SlimBrowser 7, SlimBowser is a little different but I think fits a need on any version of Windows XP.  There are many companies whose internal websites do not support modern web browsers and only work with older versions of Internet Explorer.  This is where SlimBrowser comes in.  It uses the same rendering engine (Trident) of whatever version of Internet Explorer you have installed on your computer.  So you get a full featured browser, increased security, but the compatibility you need.  If your organization is still using Internet Explorer 8 (or worse 7 or 6) you need to let them know about FlashPeak SlimBrowser.  It has Facebook integration and even can be configured to display the outside temperature in the lower right hand corner of the window.  With Internet Explorer 8 no longer getting security updated after April 8, 2014 you need to check out SlimBrowser today.

FlashPeak SlimBrowser 7 on Windows XP Professional X64 Edition

FlashPeak SlimBrowser 7 on Windows XP Pro X64 Edition

5. KDE Konqueror 4.10.2, if you know about Linux you have probably used Konqueror at some point.  Konqueror comes with the KDE environment, but you can customize what is installed to keep it just to bare minimum for Konqueror to work.  Konqueror will make Linux KDE users feel right at home and it does not run too bad.  It is a little buggy and did not like some websites.  If you feel adventerous check out the KDE on Windows Initiative

KDE Konqueror 4.10 on Windows XP Professional X64 Edition

KDE Konqueror 4.10 on Windows XP Pro X64 Edition

6. Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 64-bit, this is the browser that is holding the web back, but it is better than Internet Explorer 6 or 7.  Even if you don’t use Internet Explorer I suggest you update it to Internet Explorer 8 as it is more compliant with web standards then the old versions and I think just a little more secure.  However since Internet Explorer 8 will not be getting any more security updates after April 8, 2014 I suggest you use one of the browsers above to your day-to-day browsing.  If you have not yet I suggest updating to Internet Explorer 8.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 64-bit on Windows XP Professional X64 Edition

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 64-bit on Windows XP Pro X64 Edition

I will say again I suggest all Windows XP users upgrade to a newer version of Windows as soon as they can.  That being said there is still life in Windows XP and I think using the best internet browser for Windows XP Professional X64 Edition will help you get that life out of it for a while.

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Windows Live Messenger (MSN) Support Has Ended, Users Must Upgrade To Skype

Microsoft has retired the Windows Live Messenger, formally MSN Messenger, in favor of Skype.  This comes after Microsoft purchased Skype in 2011 and started integrating other Microsoft technologies into it like Lync and most recently migrating Windows Live Messenger users to Skype.  This transition was supposed to be done at the end of April.  Now when users try to open Windows Live Messenger they are presented with a message to download an update in order to continue.  This update is in fact the latest Skype for Desktop.

Windows Live Messenger Message To Download Skype

Windows Live Messenger Message To Download Skype

If you chose no, you will not be logged in and instead Windows Live Messenger just sits there at the login screen.  If you click the What’s New… button you are taken to a website urging you to download Skype and explaining it to users.  Now Microsoft had made it so you can sign to Skype with your Microsoft Account and all your Windows Live Messenger contacts will be there ready for you to chat with.

Skype supports Windows XP (Including Windows XP Professional X64 Edition) all the way to Windows 8 Desktop (there is a Windows Store app as well).  You can also get Skype for Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

I do think it is a good thing that Microsoft is pushing forward with Skype instead of Messenger.  There are a lot more users on Skype today than there were on Messenger.  Now Skype does not have all the features that Windows Live Messenger had and I hope Microsoft adds these to Skype goes on.  I also would like to see Skype better integrated into Windows 8, Windows Phone and Xbox like Messenger is today.  (For now these Windows Live Messenger integration features are still active and useable) I am sure as we go forward Skype will only get better and those users that miss features from Windows Live Messenger will hopefully get any features they miss.  Either way, welcome to the future, welcome to Skype.

Amazon Releases Cloud Player for PC, an iTunes, and Xbox Music Alternative

Amazon has released the Cloud Player for PC which it really starting to set them up as a good alternative to iTunes and Xbox Music / Zune.  The software is very simple to use and does not have a lot of features but I imagine that more is coming in future versions.  In this version you can listen to music on your computer which Amazon Cloud Player for PC will auto scan you computer for or listen to music in the cloud that is stored in Amazon Cloud Player, this includes any AutoRip or mp3’s you have purchased with Amazon.  You can also export those song to iTunes or Windows Media Player.  There are also links that take you to the Amazon MP3 Store but at this time it is not integrated into the software like iTunes or Zune PC software.  There are also no options to Sync to a device unless you export the music to Windows Media Player or iTunes.  Of course you could also use Winamp to sync music to your device of choice once you have exported it to either option.  The interface looks like other Amazon software and services out there.

Amazon Cloud Player For PC in Windows 8

Amazon Cloud Player For PC in Windows 8

One great feature I have found about the Amazon Cloud Player for PC is that is supports Windows XP Professional X64 Edition.  I know that there are still a few fans of the 64 Bit version of Windows XP and both the Zune PC software and iTunes do not install or work on that platform but this does.

I am glad Amazon made Cloud Player available for the PC and I hope to see a Windows 8/RT and a Windows Phone app soon as well.  Going forward for me I will be purchasing my music through Amazon or Xbox Music à la the Zune PC software.  If you want would like give the Amazon Cloud Player for PC a chance and see how you like it.