Fix the Lumia Windows Phone Blue Screen of Sadness

I have never come across this till recently but I now know how to fix the Lumia Windows Phone Blue Screen of Sadness (Blue Screen Of Death).  Maybe you have seen this, you try to start-up your Lumia Windows Phone and receive a screen with a sad face on it.  Either the screen is black with a blue sad face or the screen is blue with a white sad face like below.

Lumia Windows Phone Blue Screen of Sadness

Lumia Windows Phone Blue Screen of Sadness

I only have fixed this on a Nokia Lumia 521 however the process should be the same for all Nokia Windows Phones.  This will not work for Windows Phones made by other manufacturers.  To fix the issue you will need to download the Windows Device Recovery Tool. Once you have downloaded that install it and run it. If the app asks to update you will want to do it as it will support more devices and have bug fixes.  Once it has started you will want to click on My Phone Does Not  Start Up Or Respond.

Nokia Software Updater

Nokia Software Updater

Then a screen will show up prompting you to plug-in your phone into the computer.  You will want to do so and if the software does not automatically start your phone you can hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons (at the same time) till the phone vibrates and then release them.  This will reinstall Windows Phone on your device and it will delete any and all data on your phone.  It will take a while to download the firmware but getting your phone working again is worth it.

This resets my Nokia Lumia 521 back to Windows Phone 8.0 and I am now using the Preview for Developers to update it back to Windows Phone 8.1 for testing purposes.  I was able to fix the Lumia Windows Phone blue screen of sadness (Sad Face, Blue Screen of Death) but as always your results may differ.  I also want to state that I am not responsible if you brick your phone trying this.  This is not supported officially.  Good Luck.

Verizon Rolls Out Amber and Windows Phone 8 GDR2 Updates for Nokia Lumia 822

I got a notification on my phone that an update was available so I started the download and did a search.  It looks like Verizon rolls out the Amber and Windows Phone 8 GDR2 updates for the Nokia Lumia 822 today.  This is not just an update that fixes a few things, this update brings some new functionality and a much requested feature to Verizon Windows Phones.

According to the PDF on Verizon’s website this update brings the following to the Nokia 822.

-Flip to Silence a call (Enabled by default, it is under Audio under Settings)

-Improved Xbox Music Experience

-Improved HTML 5 Compatibility in Internet Explorer

-Improved reliability for VOIP apps like Lync and Skype

-CardDAV and CalDAV support for Gmail

-Storage Check to remove temporary files (You will find this under Settings)

-FM Radio (yes its back) (It is part of the Xbox Music + Video App)

-Improved Texting performance and Bluetooth Connectivity

-Glance Screen (Disabled by default, you can enable it under Display + Touch under Settings)

-The ability to adjust the color profile of the display (Same Location as above)

-Group Text (Its back and this has been requested by many users) (Disabled by default it is under the Settings in the Messaging app)

According to Nokia’s website the Amber update also brings the following to the Nokia Lumia 822

-Improved Camera Capabilities with better Low-Light performance, Improved Auto Focus, and Enhanced Noise Filter

-Nokia Smart Camera And Nokia Video Trimmer Compatibility (You can download these from the App Store, Nokia Video upload and Play To already work with older Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 Devices)

I also see under Settings Call + SMS Filter which I believe is part of the Nokia Amber update.

Also under Display + Touch you can enable Double Tap to Wake Up Phone (Part of the Nokia Update)

Also according to Microsoft’s website the GDR2 update also brings the following.

-Set one of the Lens apps to open when the Camera Button is pressed. (you can change this under the Camera Settings)

-Update to the Bing Search app, (reduced the number of panes of information and not all data loads till you swipe to them to save data)

This really brings a lot to the Nokia Lumia 822 and the Amber and GDR2 updates should help make this device great to use even more so than it has been. I know some people think this is not that big of an update but with all the new features this is a pretty big update indeed. Below is a screen shot of the PDF on Verizon’s website.

Nokia Lumia 822 Verizon Update

Nokia Lumia 822 Verizon Update

Will Windows 8 be Hurt by Low End Tablets?

With the recent announcement by Amazon a friend of mine started saying he thought that these low-end tablets are going to hurt Windows 8.  Granted some of these tablets are cheap going under the $200 mark, but I really don’t think it will and here is why.

Will these low-end tablets hurt Windows 8?  Maybe.  Windows 8 devices are going to be more expensive for sure as they all will be Intel (X86/X64) based.  Now Intel has the Atom wich is its system on a chip, and there are always the low-end Celeron.  Also, any PC makers could use AMD to cut costs down too but these devices are going to, I think, be more than $300.  So you could say yeah Windows 8 could be hurt by these things, but then you would be forgetting something, Windows RT.

Windows RT is almost exactly like Windows 8 but it runs on ARM chips.  These devices will be cheaper than their Intel-based counterparts and I could see someone making one for less than $300 maybe even around $200.  Honestly, these devices are going to be using almost the same hardware as these low-end tablets.  Windows RT will be competing with most tablets out there today.

I could stop here but there is something else to consider.  Let’s say Microsoft’s strategy fails, and Windows 8 on a tablet is just not working for consumers.  Microsoft still has Windows Phone 8.  Microsoft could easily turn this into a tablet operating system if it had to and I still think it would be great.  Windows Phone 8 is also based on the Windows 8 code and not the old Windows CE (Windows Mobile) like Windows Phone 7 was, so it would perform great on these devices while having a great feature set.  I would say at this point Windows Phone 8 could be Microsoft’s backup plan.

Really though when I look at all this I think these low-end tablets are going to be more harm to the iPad and it’s not just that but Microsoft will have Windows 8 competing with the iPad in the same price points, as well as Windows RT in the lower ones.  Really Apple has much to fear I think in the next coming months.