Windows 7 on an HP Mini 1000 (1030NR) Yes it works better!!!

Some of you know that I set up Windows Vista Home Premium on this Netbook earlier and you can read that here.  I was glad to say goodbye to  XP and see Vista running on this little machine.  Well, the day after Thanksgiving I was able to get the family pack of Windows 7 Home Premium for $150.  It was time to upgrade the Mini, I knew my fiancé would love the new features and I wanted to see how much better it would run on there.  So again I went to work.

Here is some background, I got this Netbook because it is light and portable, not to just check e-mail and look cool.  This thing is very light.  I would suggest any of the HP Netbooks if you are interested in them.  This one is an HP Mini 1000 the true model number is the 1030NR.  I have read that the best thing you can do to these computers that run Intel Atom processors is to upgrade the ram and I did just that, I upgraded it to 2 Gb.  Other than that this thing is still stock.

The upgrade was much simpler than putting Vista on this and I would say that anyone could do this very easily.  I had purchased an external DVD drive when I got the Mini so I attached it to it and booted off of the Windows 7 install disc.  The Mini will only support 32bit versions of Windows. I booted off of the 32bit disc and formatted the hard drive and installed Windows,  it was simple.  Afterward, I ran Windows Updates and installed Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate.  Total Windows, Office, and a few programs fill up the 16Gb Solid State hard drive.  Just a few gigs free when it is all said and done.  I again disabled System Restore and set to a manual page file size instead of letting the OS manage it.

Windows 7 on HP Mini 1030NR

Windows 7 on HP Mini 1030NR


This was an easy install, the Device Manager was clear from the end of the installation.  However, a basic mouse driver was installed.  If you want the scroll function, download the Vista mouse driver from another HP laptop that used a Synaptics driver.  Also, just a note the built-in webcam in the Mini works just fine in Windows 7, did not have to load any drivers for it the Windows Setup did it automatically.

Nice Clean Device Manager

All in all this Mini seems faster with 7 installed than with Vista.  The numbers are interesting, below is the Scores from Windows 7, check out my other blog here for windows Vista’s numbers on the same machine. Remember in Vista the highest score was a 5.9, in Windows 7 the highest score is a 7.9

Windows Experience Index in Windows 7 on the Mini

Again I ran the Passmark Performance Test and Vista got a 172, while Windows 7 gets a 178.8, not a big jump but it is still a performance increase and you notice it on the Mini, the system is much more responsive.

So if you bought that Netbook on Black Friday or have an older one  I would suggest a Windows 7 upgrade.  If you do not have an external DVD drive you can look into local computer service shops to do an upgrade for you.  Windows 7 takes everything good about Vista and makes it better, as well as taking the bad and making it great. This upgrade is simple and recommended.

How To Install Windows Vista on HP Mini 1000 (1030NR) Netbook

I am finally re-writing this article so here we go, how to install Windows Vista on HP Mini 1000 (1030NR) Netbook.  This Netbook has a few limitations that we will have to overcome.  First there is no optical drive and second, the hard drive is an SSD with only 16 Gb of space. I did find that the Mini has an integrated Intel graphics chipset that supports Windows Aero Glass.  Also, the Intel Atom processor only supports 32bit versions of Windows.  The Mini comes with Windows XP, but I figured that the Mini might support Windows Vista but it would take some doing , and so I went to work.

Now the Mini does not have a DVD-ROM drive so I bought an external one for it.  I then booted up and formatted the hard drive with Vista Home Premium. You should be able to use a tool from Microsoft to create a bootable flash drive on another computer if you can not get an external DVD-ROM drive. The Mini has a 16Gb solid state drive in it and I knew that would be a problem later on.  Vista installed without any problems, once the desktop was loaded I went to the Device Manager, and it had a few drivers missing.

Updating Vista on the HP Mini 1000

Because of the small solid state hard drive on this model (1030NR) you are going to want to prep this machine first and disable a few things.  First, you will want to disable Hibernation on this machine.  I have upgraded mine to 2 GB of Ram so disabling Hibernation will save me 2 GB of disk space.  Next, it is a great idea to disable System Restore, again you will need the disk space.  I also suggest setting the size of the Page File, normally I would never suggest this and just have Windows handle it but when space is an issue you want to make sure the system has enough memory to be usable.  Finally, you will want to enable Disk Compression.  This will compress everything on the hard disk and again save some space.  Once you have prepped the Mini I have a few suggestions on updating it depending on how new the copy of Windows Vista is that you have installed.  If you installed Windows Vista that does not already contain any service packs then you will want to download and install Windows Vista Service Pack 1 first.  Once that is installed you will want to click on the Start Button then in the search box type CMD wait a second do not hit the enter key, the results of the search should pop up, right click on CMD and click on Run As Administrator.  Once the Command Prompt is open type in VSP1CLN.EXE and hit enter.  This will run the Vista Service Pack 1 Clean Up Tool.  After this is done you can close

I got Service Pack 1 for Vista installed but there was no room for Service Pack 2.  So I ran the service pack cleanup tool which removes the backed up files and then ran SP2 and ran the tool again after that.  All the other updates installed fine for Vista,  In the long run, I figured that System Restore was going to have to be disabled.  I also set a limit to the Page File as well so it would not get out of hand.

I will say Vista actually runs well on this little Netbook, it is not as fast as my laptop but it works and it is light.   That little Netbook runs Aero Glass just fine.

I am a computer technician and I like performance.  I love using her Netbook, Vista runs fine on there.  I don’t understand why the Netbooks with traditional hard drives in them don’t have Vista running on them by default.  I can understand why XP is on the ones with small solid state hard drives because of the space restrictions.  I would suggest to anyone that has the ability to do it to install Vista on their Netbook and try it for themselves.  Also since Windows Vista runs on here, then Windows 7 will as well.  I have since updated to Windows 7 which you can read here.