I am Still Betting on Windows Phone in 2015

Laugh if you will, tell me any of your reasons but I am still betting on Windows Phone in 2015! Toward the end of 2012 I upgraded my phone and my wife’s phone to two Nokia Lumia 822 Windows Phones without hesitation.  I previously had used a HTC Trophy Windows Phone 7 device and my wife was using an LG Fathom Windows Mobile device.  Over the course of the past two years there have been some ups and downs for Windows Phone 8 and as we were up for upgrade I questioned whether to stay with Windows Phone going forward.  There were a few things that factored into my decision to stay with Windows Phone.  First was the cost of the iPhone which even on Verizon Edge was going to be more expensive than I am willing to pay.  Second was the fragmentation of Android, finding an Android 5.0 device on Verizon is not the easiest thing and Verizon is not known for being speedy on software updates.  With Windows Phone at least I can upgrade to the newest software through the Preview for Developers. Third, I think Windows Phone will find its best success with Windows 10 as Microsoft merges the two together.

So what did I go with then?  I tracked down a Nokia Lumia Icon for me (The Icon is really the US version of the Lumia 930) Verizon did not have many left and I had to have them call around to find one.  My wife got the HTC One M8 for Windows which seems to be selling well as it was also in short supply.  I am very happy with both devices, my wife uses her phone more than any other device so this time around I wanted a phone that could keep up and it already comes with Windows Phone 8.1 so she is ready to go.  I went with the Icon so I can keep tabs on Nokia/Microsoft Mobile going forward and I was very interested in the camera.

Windows 10 is going to be a game changer for Windows Phone more than Windows Phone 8.1 was.  With Windows 10 Windows Phone and Windows RT will merge together meaning more consistency with small tablets and phones.  Combined with the programing being so similar to create apps that run on Windows and Windows Phone with Windows 10 I think we will see more apps, and better quality apps for both Windows and Phone.  I just have to stay in the game and see what happens going forward.

I know many of you are probably questioning my decision to stay with Verizon.  In the area I live in the US (Southwest) Verizon offers the best coverage in rural areas that I frequent often.  I have to give Verizon some credit that they did not just finally deliver Lumia Cyan but Denim as well putting the Lumia 822 and Lumia 928 ahead of all the other mobile carriers in the us with Windows Phone.  Verizon will be updating the Icon in early 2015 as well and now that I have one I will be waiting for Denim.

Update HTC Trophy to Windows Phone 7.8

My first Windows Phone was the HTC Trophy on Verizon and it was a great phone.  I dropped it and cracked the screen and got a different phone but I keep it around to keep tabs on Windows Phone 7.  I have waited for Windows Phone 7.8 to be released for it and even contacted HTC and Verizon about the update.  HTC responded “HTC does not have plans to deliver a Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade.” “We understand your disappointment. We’ll certainly be sure to share your thoughts with the team. Thank you.”  So they are not planing to update the device but it could happen if enough people ask about it.

So if you know me this is an open invitation to play with the phone especially since I do not use it as my main phone any more.  So I tried the Zune software where you disconnected the internet, yeah it did not say there were any updates.  I wondered if I was doing something wrong to I did a search on the net and found this tool Seven-Eighter. Not only can you update HTC Trophy to Windows Phone 7.8 but you can update other phones too.

Now before you get started I would suggest connecting your phone to your computer, open the Zune pc software and check for updates for your phone first.  This will make sure you have all the official firmware updates from your carrier and the manufacture.  Then download Seven-Eighter and run it.  It may ask you to download an extra file, do so and install that and then run Seven-Eighter again.

Seven-Eighter did the trick for me and I like Windows Phone 7.8 on my HTC Trophy, everything seems to be working fine that I can see.  I know two other people with these phones so maybe they will want the update too.

Now if I only could get the current updates to my current Windows Phone 8 device, and if only the manufacture would get back to me as fast as HTC did.  If you are interested you can pick up these phones unlocked on Amazon.

Saying Goodbye to Windows Phone 7

I had not planned on saying goodbye to Windows Phone 7 so soon but I have dropped my HTC Trophy and cracked the screen. I decided to live with the cracked screen for a few weeks now and I just need a new phone. I am a little sad as this has been a great phone, granted it probably would not have been my first choice but it was the only Windows Phone on Verizon Wireless. Now that Windows Phone 8 is here there will be three Windows Phones on Verizon.
The first phone I looked at was the HTC Windows Phone 8X, I really liked this phone but one thing hinders it for me, it only has 16 Gb of storage and does not support an SD card. This has been my complaint about my HTC Trophy so other than this the 8X is a great phone.
The second phone I checked out is the Samsung ATIV Odyssey, this phone reminds me of my old Samsung Omnia II and I really want a different design. Also, the Odyssey will not be out until sometime in December.
The third phone I looked at is the Nokia Lumia 822. This phone caught my attention, the City Lens app seems great and the Nokia Music app is awesome for a music lover like me. Plus it supports SD cards so I can take my music with me and have my phone be my mp3 player. This will be the phone I will get and I’m happy with my decision. It should be here in a few weeks and I will have a write-up on it then.
I’m so happy Verizon Wireless has some choices for their customers this time around and ill be happy to play with a new phone.

So I did get the Nokia Lumia 822 and it is a great phone, you can check out my unboxing on YouTube.

The Best Internet Browser for Windows, Part 1 An Introduction

I started this look at internet browsers on Windows years ago. Since then web browsers have changed a lot, so I try to update these articles every once in a while.  Here is a list of the articles for the best internet browser for Windows broken down by version. Feel free to check them out and as always, thanks for reading!

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The Best Internet Browser for Windows XP Professional X64 Edition, one of the first 64-bit versions of Windows, it had limited support.

The Best Internet Browser for Windows Vista 32-bit was not received well upon release but there are still a few people who have not yet upgraded their machines.

The Best Internet Browser for Windows Vista 64-bit, this version started making 64-bit computing a household name.

The Best Internet Browser for Windows 7, this is becoming the next Windows XP and we will be using Windows 7 for years to come.

Also check out my review of browsers in Ubuntu, one of the more popular Linux versions.

I hope to have these articles updated this year and add one for Windows 8, as well as maybe looking at older versions of Windows, and one for Windows Phone 7 and 8.  Make sure to like Useful Windows on Facebook to keep tabs on new articles.