Windows Live Messenger (MSN) Support Has Ended, Users Must Upgrade To Skype

Microsoft has retired the Windows Live Messenger, formally MSN Messenger, in favor of Skype.  This comes after Microsoft purchased Skype in 2011 and started integrating other Microsoft technologies into it like Lync and most recently migrating Windows Live Messenger users to Skype.  This transition was supposed to be done at the end of April.  Now when users try to open Windows Live Messenger they are presented with a message to download an update in order to continue.  This update is in fact the latest Skype for Desktop.

Windows Live Messenger Message To Download Skype

Windows Live Messenger Message To Download Skype

If you chose no, you will not be logged in and instead Windows Live Messenger just sits there at the login screen.  If you click the What’s New… button you are taken to a website urging you to download Skype and explaining it to users.  Now Microsoft had made it so you can sign to Skype with your Microsoft Account and all your Windows Live Messenger contacts will be there ready for you to chat with.

Skype supports Windows XP (Including Windows XP Professional X64 Edition) all the way to Windows 8 Desktop (there is a Windows Store app as well).  You can also get Skype for Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

I do think it is a good thing that Microsoft is pushing forward with Skype instead of Messenger.  There are a lot more users on Skype today than there were on Messenger.  Now Skype does not have all the features that Windows Live Messenger had and I hope Microsoft adds these to Skype goes on.  I also would like to see Skype better integrated into Windows 8, Windows Phone and Xbox like Messenger is today.  (For now these Windows Live Messenger integration features are still active and useable) I am sure as we go forward Skype will only get better and those users that miss features from Windows Live Messenger will hopefully get any features they miss.  Either way, welcome to the future, welcome to Skype.