SCAM Alert! Do Not Answer 235-683-4810 Infected Computer Windows Update Scam

I have another scam to warn you about. just a few minuets ago I received a call from 235-683-4810 telling me the same thing as the last unknown number (see my post about 1-111-111-111 Scam) My computer was not responding to the updates from Microsoft, so this time since I was home I decided to humor the guy and have a little fun, and gather as much information as I could to tell you about the scam.

First the guy on the phone sounds Indian or at the very least Middle Eastern, I say this to warn you not to talk bad about these people I have known many great Middle Eastern people over the years that would never do this kind of thing.

I asked the guy how he knew my computer was not getting these updates and he tells me he has an ID from my computer, so I ask him which computer it is since at any given time I have multiple.  He told me it was my home computer, again I ask which one since I have about 18 here currently (all in various states of operation) He then tells me to just start-up one of them so I chose my laptop.

As I am starting my laptop I decide to have some fun and boot into Windows 8.  After I tell him I am logged in he asks if I can see icons, I tell him yes as I am staring at the Start Screen and then he asks me to click on the Start Button.  “I don’t have one,” I replied.  He paused for a while and then tells me to hit the Windows Key and the R Key at the same time on the keyboard.  This of course brings up the Run Box, to which I replied “you could have just said go to the Run Box,” he then had me type in CMD to bring up the Command Prompt and then type in a command Assoc and hit Enter.  This brings a list of File Associations and he tells me to look at the one for ZFSendToTarget=CLSID\{888DCA60-FC0A-11CF-8F0F-00C04FD7D062} and this guy tells me that this CLSID is a unique ID for my computer.  I explained to him that it is not unique and that ID would come up on any computer that you did this on.  This is where they try to trick you with smoke and mirrors.  Do not fall for this.



This guy then had me open another Command Prompt and type in EVENTVWR and hit Enter.  This brings up the Event Viewer I again told him he could have just told me to go to the Event Viewer.  In the Event Viewer he has me double-click on Windows Logs and then Application and asks me to scroll through and see if there are any Errors I tell him there are no Errors there then he ha me double-click on System and see if there are any Errors there I say yes there are many.  He then tells me this is proof that my computer is infected and that they can clean it up and make it run fast.

Event Viewer in Windows 8 showing Errors

Event Viewer in Windows 8 showing Errors

Now  I want to pause here, if your computer was infected it could have Error entries in the Event Viewer because of that however they are specific Errors. Also there will always be Errors in here and they are not something to worry about.  I also asked this guy how he would fix Disk 11 Errors as these were usually signs of a bad hard drive and not an infection, he insisted that my machine was infected.

I finally told him and I knew they were running a scam.  He tried to argue with me that they were not a scam, but I know better.  I finally told him I was going to report everything to the proper authorities.

I hope this helps warn you and I hope the links I provided gives you more information on how they try to use things incorrectly in your computer to trick you.  I think the bottom line is if you do answer and you hear a Middle Eastern accent from a number you do not know, just hang up.

Do Not Answer Calls from 1-111-111-111, SCAM or Let Anyone Tell You Your Computer Is Not Getting Windows Updates

Today I got a call from a weird number it was 1-111-111-111, first this is not a real number second is what the guy on the phone said, he clearly was from India and told me that “My computer was not receiving the Windows Updates and was rejecting them”  I laughed and said “yeah right” and hung up.

This is a two part lesson, first if the number is all the same number or not in the correct format, do not answer it.

Second never let anyone convince you over the phone that your computer is not getting Windows Updates because they have no real way of knowing and if they do, that is unlawful spying.  Microsoft does not know and will never contact you about it. Same with the company that does your Antivirus software, just hang up the phone and save your self from a scam.

I have heard of people getting scammed from people like this, paying for someone to remote connect and do “work” just ignore these jerks, they are just out too hurt you.

So please just don’t answer the phone!