Need to Buy Windows XP, No Recovery Discs Avaliable For Your Computer?

Did you have a hard drive die in your computer or was it infected with a virus so bad it needs to have Windows XP reinstalled?, Did you try to find your Recovery discs only to find they have gone missing?  If you have called your computer manufacturer to order a new set you may find they no longer make and sell them anymore.  This has happened to a lot of people recently.  But hope is not lost.

Windows XP came out in late 2001 and was soon coming pre-installed on new computers.  2001 is 11 years ago and a lot of computer manufacturers do not really support hardware older than about five or six years old.  Windows XP had a good run on new computers from about 2001 to 2007 and then even a little longer on Netbooks and Nettops till about 2009.  During this time a lot of computer manufacturers also stopped providing the recovery discs with the new computers so that the customer had to create the discs themselves, indeed this is how it is today with the exception of Samsung computers.  So If you need recovery discs what are you to do.

Simple, you can buy a copy of Windows XP and install it. You may have to install drivers but you can usually download those from the manufacturer’s website or visit your local computer repair shop and have them do it.  There are a few websites that still sell Windows XP.  I would suggest using Amazon as it is a trusted online retailer so you can be sure not to be scammed.

There were a few main versions of Windows XP and I will give you the links for all the major versions so you can get the one that fits you. Also, you may only need the Upgrade Version and not the Full Version since Windows XP already came installed on your computer.  The Upgrade version is also fine for those who had Windows 2000 or Windows ME installed on their machines too.

If you need Windows XP Home Edition you can get the Full Version or the Upgrade Version.

If you need Windows XP Professional Edition you can also get a Full Version or the Upgrade Version.

The links above will allow you to buy the Window XP version you need.  This will allow you to reinstall Windows.  Like I said before you may have to install drivers to get everything to work but if you do not feel comfortable there are many computer repair shops that have services to do this task as long as you give them a disc.

I hope this helps some people get longer life out of older machines that no longer have recovery discs.