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30 Days with Windows RT on a Surface RT, 90 Days Later

So after I started my 30 days with Windows RT on a Surface RT challenge I had a few issues with the site and was distracted, however I continued the challenge and have been for a while.  Now some 90 days later I have to give you my conclusions. For those of you not familiar […]

Welcome to Useful Windows’ New Home

Some of you that visit my site more often may have noticed that we were offline through part of late December and early January.  The site became too taxing on the server it was located on and while I made improvements to it I was still not happy with the speed.  After talking with a […]

Windows Phone 8 Update 3 and Nokia Black are Available for Nokia Lumia 822 After All

Despite a user on Reddit claiming that the Nokia Lumia 810 and 822 were not getting the latest updates from Microsoft and Nokia (he has since made an edit about the 822) the Windows Phone 8 Update 3 and Nokia Black are available for Nokia Lumia 822.  This was posted on many blogs and news […]

Enable 24 Bit Color in Windows XP Mode With Integration Features Enabled

If you have ever used Windows XP Mode in Windows 7 you may have noticed that it only displays in 16 bit color mode.  This makes some things appear a little off on the screen and may also limit compatibility with programs that need 24 bit or 32 bit color.  Thankfully it is easy to […]

Best Internet Browser for Windows XP Professional X64 Edition

What is the Best Internet Browser for Windows XP Professional X64 Edition? Well that is a good question.  Besides being a mouthful to say, this only variant of Windows XP is the only version that supports modern 64-bit hardware. (AMD64 / Intel64)  Windows XP Pro X64 became very popular for computer enthusiasts to install on […]

Back up and running, Update on the Useful Windows Blog

Hello world, it is good to be back.  I had a small issue with my host, then I got to changing things and brought my whole site down.  We learn from such problems though and we are back.  Here are a few updates So I have used a Microsoft Surface RT as my daily machine […]

Microsoft Windows RT – The Change That a Year Makes

As I am going through my 30 days with Windows RT on a Microsoft Surface RT I had to stop and realize something.  Windows RT 8.1 is a lot different then the shipping version of Windows RT over a year ago. First is obvious the update to Windows RT 8.1 itself has a lot of […]

30 Days With Windows RT on a Microsoft Surface RT

This past Black Friday there were many great deals out there including some on the Microsoft Surface RT.  Both Best Buy and Microsoft had the 32Gb Surface RT on sale for around $200. No to mention I also saw it being sold with a touch cover for around $230 to $250 at other stores.  Well […]

Using Free Windows Media Center Keys Will Render Windows 8.1 Not Activated

I have an important warring; using free Windows Media Center Keys will render Windows 8.1 not activated.  I know everyone wants to keep using their free copy of Windows Media Center for Windows 8 but do not attempt to use that key to upgrade to Media Center with Windows 8.1.  The Add Features to Windows 8.1 […]

Microsoft Releases Windows RT Recovery Image For Surface RT

With some of the issues that people are having updating their Surface RT devices to Windows 8.1 RT, Microsoft has released an image of Windows RT (8.0) to restore non-functioning devices back to factory settings.  Microsoft has also taken the Windows 8.1 RT update offline till they can figure out the issue.  If you want […]