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Is Windows 7 Faster than Windows XP, It’s Faster than Windows Vista

I had a friend ask me is Windows 7 faster than Windows XP, and I did not know.  I knew that it ran faster than Vista, so I went to work. First, my laptop has never known Windows XP and it never will, I do not like XP and prefer Vista over it and love 7 over both of them.  […]

The Top Six New Features in Windows Vista

Windows Vista brought a lot of change and a lot of new features.  Love it or hate it Vista changed the game. I could not decide on five so here is my pick of the top six new features in Windows Vista.  Let’s revisit them. 1. Windows Defender, spyware, and adware have been a big problem for […]

The Top Five New Features in Windows XP

Well Windows XP was released in 2001 and I did not know much about it at the time of its launch.  I admit when it was first released it felt like a glorified service pack for Windows 2000.  While Windows 2000 is its ancestor, Windows ME was its spiritual ancestor.  But it did feel like they […]

The Best Internet Browser for Windows 2000

It is hard to say what the best internet browser for Windows 2000 is because of its age so let’s be clear here, if you are still using Windows 2000, you need to at least upgrade to Windows XP.  Windows 2000 is over 14 years old and is just not up to the day-to-day modern internet […]

How To Install Windows Vista on HP Mini 1000 (1030NR) Netbook

I am finally re-writing this article so here we go, how to install Windows Vista on HP Mini 1000 (1030NR) Netbook.  This Netbook has a few limitations that we will have to overcome.  First there is no optical drive and second, the hard drive is an SSD with only 16 Gb of space. I did find […]

The Best Internet Browser for Windows Vista 64-Bit

I want to take another look at the best internet browser for Windows Vista 64-bit as I wrote this article shortly after starting Useful Windows.  Let’s just say a lot has changed between now and then.  Windows Vista helped to make 64-bit computing a household name and today almost every computer comes with a 64-bit […]

The Best Internet Browser for Windows, Part 1 An Introduction

I started this look at internet browsers on Windows years ago. Since then web browsers have changed a lot, so I try to update these articles every once in a while.  Here is a list of the articles for the best internet browser for Windows broken down by version. Feel free to check them out […]