This blog is to share news, reviews, tips, and programs that make Windows awesome and more user-friendly. It is for the casual computer user and for the person that wants to do more with their operating system. I started the blog in 2009 at the request of a friend.  It started as a blog and in 2011 I moved the blog to its own server.  In the beginning of 2014 I have moved to our second host because we were taxing our old host.

I am Bryan Moore. I have been a computer technician for over ten years, and have used every version of Windows from 3.0 through 10.  I have also used every version of Office from 97 to 2013. I now live in Phoenix, Arizona and have lived in the Phoenix metro area for over 30 years.

I take requests for subjects to write about just send me a message and if something is found to not be correct let me know and I will make the correction. You can contact me on the contact page.  I want this blog to be a great place for information. I will cover other topics in the technology realm but it will mostly be focused on Microsoft.  I hope you enjoy reading.

I am also willing to do guest blogging or appear on podcasts to talk about technology.  I am also looking for sponsors so I can devote more time to Useful Windows.  Please contact me through the contact page.  Thank You.