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Some of you that visit my site more often may have noticed that we were offline through part of late December and early January.  The site became too taxing on the server it was located on and while I made improvements to it I was still not happy with the speed.  After talking with a friend of mine he convinced to move to his new host.  He will be specializing in WordPress and has a lot to offer that will make Useful Windows even better while getting feedback from me so his other users can be better served.  I do want to thank my old host Arvixe they were great but we have outgrown them.  I will post details on my new host soon so others can check them out if they are interested.  It sounds like he will be making his host a powerful yet easy to use solution if you need a website for just about any need.

I am looking forward to the future and hope you all as always find something useful here.

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  1. Linda
    Linda says:

    Great to hear from you! Good luck on your new place on the Internet. You’ve been tons of help to me in the past and I remain indebted to you. I have saved this link so can check it weekly, as I used to do. OH! Am doing OK since updating from Win2000 to XP. — Linda from New Yawk

    • Bryan Moore
      Bryan Moore says:

      Awesome great to hear that you are doing well on XP. I will be continuing to write articles for Windows XP in the future I hope you find some of them useful.


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