Back up and running, Update on the Useful Windows Blog

Hello world, it is good to be back.  I had a small issue with my host, then I got to changing things and brought my whole site down.  We learn from such problems though and we are back.  Here are a few updates

So I have used a Microsoft Surface RT as my daily machine and I love it.  I now have a copy of Windows XP Professional X64 Edition on my desktop and hope to have some articles up soon about it.  I have worked with Client Side Hyper-V in Windows 8.X and will be sharing some tips there.  Finally there is a Facebook Like box on the side bar so you can now follow us on Facebook and get notifications when new articles are up.

But that is not all, I am working on some big updates and hopefully will be delivering a lot more content much faster to you all.

So please take a look and as always thanks for reading!

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