Using Free Windows Media Center Keys Will Render Windows 8.1 Not Activated

I have an important warring; using free Windows Media Center Keys will render Windows 8.1 not activated.  I know everyone wants to keep using their free copy of Windows Media Center for Windows 8 but do not attempt to use that key to upgrade to Media Center with Windows 8.1.  The Add Features to Windows 8.1 option in Control Panel will take the free Windows Media Center and it will install Media Center but as soon as Windows restarts it will not be activated.  I did not create a System Restore point before trying the upgrade so I could not do anything but reinstall Windows 8.1.

Now if you installed Windows 8 used the free Windows Media Center key and got that to activate and then upgraded to Windows 8.1 that may work but I have not tried it yet to verify.

So just some warnings and ideas for those of you wanting to clean install Windows 8.1 but keep Windows Media Center.  I suggest either trying my suggestion or just pay the $10 to get Windows Media Canter after you clean install Windows 8.1.

Microsoft Releases Windows RT Recovery Image For Surface RT

With some of the issues that people are having updating their Surface RT devices to Windows 8.1 RT, Microsoft has released an image of Windows RT (8.0) to restore non-functioning devices back to factory settings.  Microsoft has also taken the Windows 8.1 RT update offline till they can figure out the issue.  If you want to grab the image you can download the Surface RT recovery image from the Microsoft Download Center.  You will need to have a USB flash drive with about 4 GB of space.  I suggest if you own a Surface RT to grab a copy of the recovery image in case anything happens in the future. This Windows RT recovery image should prove helpful in the future.

Is This The Beginning of The End For Facebook?

Is this the beginning of the end for Facebook?  I have read a few articles that say Teens are starting to leave Facebook for other social media endeavors.  With reasons ranging from their parents being on Facebook to unnecessary drama on the social network giant.  With teens, Facebook is a thing their parents have, and most parents are well aware of Facebook but not of other social media sites so teens head to the other sites to be less monitored by their parents.

While teens are just one demographic of the Facebook user base it seems the older generations are starting to become disenchanted as well.  While talking to a friend and colleague of mine the topic of recent privacy changes to Facebook came up and we both agreed we are considering dropping the social network all together and moving to something else.

Still other friends of mine have brought up drama, people over sharing information, and that they do not find Facebook fun anymore as reasons they have either left or are thinking about doing so.

Another aspect is the rise of blogging which seems like everyone has one these days (you’re reading one now) and how things like Blogger, WordPress , and Tumblr are gaining traction with older audiences.

Still there are many people who have no intention of leaving Facebook as it has become the main way for them to communicate with friends and family.

So Is this the beginning of the end for Facebook, maybe but I don’t think it will be soon. I am interested to see what you all think of Facebook and if you are looking to jump ship to something else. As for me I am thinking of closing my personal profile, maybe I will go back to MySpace.