Do Not Answer Calls from 1-111-111-111, SCAM or Let Anyone Tell You Your Computer Is Not Getting Windows Updates

Today I got a call from a weird number it was 1-111-111-111, first this is not a real number second is what the guy on the phone said, he clearly was from India and told me that “My computer was not receiving the Windows Updates and was rejecting them”  I laughed and said “yeah right” and hung up.

This is a two part lesson, first if the number is all the same number or not in the correct format, do not answer it.

Second never let anyone convince you over the phone that your computer is not getting Windows Updates because they have no real way of knowing and if they do, that is unlawful spying.  Microsoft does not know and will never contact you about it. Same with the company that does your Antivirus software, just hang up the phone and save your self from a scam.

I have heard of people getting scammed from people like this, paying for someone to remote connect and do “work” just ignore these jerks, they are just out too hurt you.

So please just don’t answer the phone!

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  1. Halei
    Halei says:

    I got a call from 1-111-111-111 and another from 1-111-111 and looked it up wondering where it cane from all it did was a high pitched beep then said goodbye on the same voice that happens when you call your voicemail


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