Slow Windows 8 Sales, is Microsoft to blame…I think not

Many people out there including the computer manufactures are blaming Microsoft for slow Windows 8 computer sales.  When I look at everything I can not believe Microsoft is to blame and if anything it is the manufactures that are at fault.

There have been many speculating that tablets were going to kill the PC industry or at least make it very small.  So far this has not happened because people need to get real work done and most tablet today are not that great at getting real work done but awesome if you just want to check email, read a book, or watch a movie.  Nevertheless people are wanting more tablets and pressure was put on Microsoft to respond.  Well they did, with Windows 8 and Windows RT.  So where are the Windows based tablets?

Go to your local Best Buy or other computer electronics store (if your lucky to have anything other than Best Buy) or heck go to Wal-Mart and see how many Windows based tablets there are.  At Best Buy when I went recently I could only find two, a Surface RT and a Surface Pro, and when I inquired about them I was told that they were selling the Surface Pro pretty well, of course this was not too long after the Surface Pro came out.  Granted there were plenty of Andriod and iPads there.

I also looked at other Windows 8 machines there and I noticed something that concerned me.  First I did not see keyboards optimized for Windows 8 with specific buttons for the charms bar.  Microsoft has done this to many of its keyboards which I think is a nice touch and their lead should be copied.  Second I noticed just how many computers are still not touch screen.  Let me make something extremely clear, I have wanted to touch the screen on my computer for over 12 years now, and I still have issues when buying a computer to get this option.  I know I am not alone and I think more people would rather have a touch screen so what is the issue and hold up?

Clearly if anyone is to blame it is the computer manufactures and the retailers for slow Windows 8 sales.  If you are seeing commercials about Windows 8 and you get all excited about using a touch screen only to go to your local computer outlet to find non touch screen computers, well I would be disappointed.  What are computer manufactures doing to make Windows 8 computers different from the ones that had Windows 7 on them?  The reason tablets sell well is because they are new and cool, so if we did something new and different with computers don’t you think they would sell better?  If everyone at a coffee shop is touching their laptop screen, or folding it into a tablet, I think even some Mac users are going to have envy.  The retailers need to get what is different and new (like Lenovo’s lineup) out in stores and get rid of the junk they sell currently.  I know that cheap laptops sell but I am sure there are some manufactures making cheaper touchscreen devices, give them a chance instead of the main manufactures.

So far I am disappointed with the industry’s response to Windows 8, it is a great OS and has potential to do amazing, but until we get better hardware I am going to keep my current desktop and laptop because they run Windows 8 extremely well and I can not justify buying a machine that does exactly what my current machine does now.  Granted there are a few machines out there that are embracing the future but I want choice, that is why I am not a Mac user.

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  1. Peter
    Peter says:

    I find it amazing how a company that has a monopoly is failing.

    Think about it, you cant buy a laptop with Linux on it, and its free.
    In fact it was tried before but micro crap threatened everyone. They
    were told they will cut them out of windows (99 percent sales) so
    they gave up with Linux. So why are they failing, simple Win 8 is the
    worst piece of crap ever invented.Since you cant buy a computer with
    Linux on it, and crapple is way too much $$. Everyone is waiting till
    micro crap puts out something better before buying it.I would never buy a
    computer with Winblows 8 on it, and after trying it I wouldn’t get a
    tablet or phone or anything else with it either. These pre loaded
    computers are a fail, my last one had viruses and spyware out of the box. Pre loaded with so much crap it wouldn’t work right, and they give you
    no disk to fix it. If these venders were smart, they offer computers OS
    free. Give you a break and offer it like 80$ cheaper, I would buy that,
    and load Linux, or win 7 on it and save some $$$
    I suspect win 9 is going into rush mode, to keep the monopoly going before its too late.

    • Usefulwindows
      Usefulwindows says:

      Actually Windows 9 is still at least a year away, but there is an update to Windows 8 code named Blue that will be out this summer. I personally like Windows 8 on a laptop or desktop but people are not really interested in those devices unless they need to get real work done, and most of those people like how Windows works currently. I will say this, there are some big updates coming to Windows 8 that I think will make it better to use.

      I have been thinking of Linux too, and I am wondering if some manufactures are going to start offering it on machines.

      Yes the computer manufactures but so much worthless crap on a computer it is maddening. However you can create a set of Recovery discs but this will bring the crap back. You may be interested in PC Decrapifier which will remove the junk. It is pretty cool and you can jut Bing it (or Google it).

  2. Len Law
    Len Law says:

    I think your wrong, the Microsoft commercials do not make me want a touch screen monitor/computer. Microsoft has reached its pinnacle /monopoly as a OS giant, China will be going towards Linux “Ubuntu Kylin” and Google and Apple will be hard to beat thus causing big trouble in little China for M$. I do own a tablet and it is touch screen (Android) only used to read email and light web surfing as you mentioned but I really can’t see my main computer with touch screen monitors, I don’t have enough Windex for constant cleaning nor the reach. Windows 8 should have been Windows 7 sevice pack 2 with Metro options. Computer manufacturers can’t take a plunge without some confidence from consumers, I don’t think W8 is what I need and the ugly UI (yes I said ugly) does not excite me. Yes it may boot faster and work a little smoother but I’m happy with W7 it sevices my needs quite well and find no practicle reason to change. It bugs my ass that almost all the computers in big box stores have W8 and no other PC OS Apple excluded, times are changing and the front door is open for others because consumers want choice not big brother M$ monopoly push because they were so late getting into the tablet/phone market. I don’t believe PC’s are dead, todays PC’s are so well made that consumers are not buying new ones every two years or so. Now new cheap Chromebooks, phones and tablets are available with great features to further hurt M$$.

    • Usefulwindows
      Usefulwindows says:

      Hey thanks for the reply, I do still disagree, go to a Best Buy and watch as people try to touch the screen of the computer they are looking at to see if it has a touch screen, or ask the person working there which ones are touch. Touch is the cool new thing and it’s here to stay, and really it’s about dang time, but touch is not for everyone, Windows 7 was not for everyone (as evidenced by how many XP users are still out there) After using Windows 8 on my laptop and desktop, it is not that Windows 8 boots faster and is a little smoother, Windows 8 boots in seconds (compared to almost a minuet with Windows 7 on these same computers) and Windows 8 is much smoother than Windows 7. I only boot into Windows 7 because there is either some piece of software I have not installed in Windows 8 (the Windows 8 partition is small on my laptop and I need to redo the Windows setup on this machine) or I am writing an article about Windows 7. I also really like the look of the Windows 8 UI (but I am working on an article to bring back Aero Glass for those that want it. Now you hit a nail on the head, and that has to do with the retailers, there is only Windows devices there (and some Apple) but no Linux. Even if the manufactures offered Linux on some of their machines (and there are some out there that do) you will not find them in the stores because the retailers don’t care about the customer. They are not going to offer options. I also have to say Chromebooks are of no threat until Google realize how bad of an OS that is and instead makes Chrome OS more like Android which is much more powerful. Android is a real OS while Chrome OS is just a spiffy Internet Browser. That platform needs to mature more than the metro environment in Windows 8. I will be very interested to see how the big Windows 8 Blue update changes things for Windows (or not, personally I just find all this fascinating) Good stuff in your reply, I love good conversation, and thank you for reading.


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