Update HTC Trophy to Windows Phone 7.8

My first Windows Phone was the HTC Trophy on Verizon and it was a great phone.  I dropped it and cracked the screen and got a different phone but I keep it around to keep tabs on Windows Phone 7.  I have waited for Windows Phone 7.8 to be released for it and even contacted HTC and Verizon about the update.  HTC responded “HTC does not have plans to deliver a Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade.” “We understand your disappointment. We’ll certainly be sure to share your thoughts with the team. Thank you.”  So they are not planing to update the device but it could happen if enough people ask about it.

So if you know me this is an open invitation to play with the phone especially since I do not use it as my main phone any more.  So I tried the Zune software where you disconnected the internet, yeah it did not say there were any updates.  I wondered if I was doing something wrong to I did a search on the net and found this tool Seven-Eighter. Not only can you update HTC Trophy to Windows Phone 7.8 but you can update other phones too.

Now before you get started I would suggest connecting your phone to your computer, open the Zune pc software and check for updates for your phone first.  This will make sure you have all the official firmware updates from your carrier and the manufacture.  Then download Seven-Eighter and run it.  It may ask you to download an extra file, do so and install that and then run Seven-Eighter again.

Seven-Eighter did the trick for me and I like Windows Phone 7.8 on my HTC Trophy, everything seems to be working fine that I can see.  I know two other people with these phones so maybe they will want the update too.

Now if I only could get the current updates to my current Windows Phone 8 device, and if only the manufacture would get back to me as fast as HTC did.  If you are interested you can pick up these phones unlocked on Amazon.

Install Windows 8 on Compaq Presario V2000 V2606CU

As I continue my tests of Installing Windows 8 and post the results here, I came across an older one today.   The Compaq Presario V2000 V2606CU.  For this test I am using Windows 8 Enterprise 32-bit.  I am doing  a clean install, keeping nothing, but you could do a migration keeping your files, but not your settings or installed programs.

I booted to the DVD and installed Windows 8.  Once setup was finished there were a few drivers missing.  Just run Windows update (make sure to keep running it till you get all updates) and it installed the missing drivers.  One thing to note if you check the graphic card it comes up as Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.  I have not found any drivers for the ATI Radeon Xpress 200M that this machine has that will work in Windows 8.  This makes it so you can not get any higher than 1024 X 768 resolution but that is all you need for the metro apps.  You may notice that the video performance on this machine is lacking though.


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