Trying to Install Windows 8 on Compaq Presario 7120US

So I got nostalgic recently and pulled out my old Compaq Presario 7120US and decided to try to install Windows 8 on it.  For this test I tried using Windows 8 Enterprise 32-bit.  First I could not get it to boot from the Windows 8 DVD, but found it would boot from the Windows Vista DVD I had.  So I installed Windows Vista without a key and tried to install Windows 8 from inside Windows.  The setup started and it restarted the computer and gave me an error message.  Your PC needs to Restart.  Please Hold Down The Power Button.  Error Code: 0x000005D    Let me just say to install Windows 8 your processor has to support PAE, SSE2, and NX Bit.  The old first generation Pentium 4 in this machine supports PAE and SSE2 but not NX Bit.  I have not been able to find a way to install Windows 8 on this machine.  I have to say I was a little disappointed but this machine is 12 years old now.

I tried a work around I did on a tablet where you use the install file in the sources folder on the DVD and this did not work either just the same result.

If anyone does get it working however please explain what you did in the comments.  Also if you still have one of these machines I just have to say that’s awesome!

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  1. Calle.N
    Calle.N says:

    Sorry, it is not possible to install Windows 8 on that system, the components and their drivers aren’t supported by the OS, as so it wont be able to boot with it. As you say it is a 12 year old machine, and while it perhaps work well with Vista, it wont work with Windows 8. I’d in fact recomend Windows XP over Vista for your system, unless you have decent RAM installed for such an old computer. To comfort you: my 5 year old computer doesn’t support Windows 8 either, as it is allready considered old.

    • Usefulwindows
      Usefulwindows says:

      Yes I explained that the processor does not support the correct technologies. That is the only issue with the machine. This computer has 1GB of ram so Windows Vista and Windows 7 run fine. Your 5 year old machine should support Windows 8 though as it would have come with Vista. I would try it. What is your machine model number I can look up any issues you might have.


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