Install Windows 8 on Intel DH55HC with AMD ATI Radeon HD 6750

I decided it was time to test Windows 8 on my desktop that I have built.  It is a home-built machine with an Intel DH55HC Motherboard with an Intel Core i5 661 running at 3.33Ghz, 4GB of Patriot ram and an AMD ATI Radeon HD 6750 Graphic card.  This was the fastest and easiest Windows 8 install I have done yet.  This also lets me play with Windows 8 on dual monitors and you can expect an article or video on that in the future.  For the test I did a clean install Windows 8 Enterprise 64-bit, keeping nothing, but if you are coming from Windows 7 you could to an upgrade install keeping your settings, files, and installed programs.

I booted off of the DVD and installed Windows 8.  There were two drivers missing to I ran Windows Update and they were installed for me.  That is it, after that, I had a clean Device Manager.

Device Manager and System Properties on Intel DH55HC in Windows 8

Device Manager and System Properties on Intel DH55HC in Windows 8

As far as performance goes, Windows 8 files on this machine and I can not wait to set it up on here full-time as my main OS.  For those of you interested this machine does support Hyper-V 3.0.  I did run PassMark Performance Test and this unit got a 1458 and below is the Windows Performance Index.

Windows 8 Performance Index on Intel DH55HC with Intel Core I5 661

Windows 8 Performance Index on Intel DH55HC with Intel Core I5 661

I can not suggest this upgrade enough it is easy and fast.  I also can not wait to compare Windows 8 against Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP on this machine as far as performance.  Look for that in the future.  If you have a similar setup and are thinking of moving to Windows 8 I say go for it.

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  1. Rathin
    Rathin says:

    I tried to install on my computer
    wich is having dh55hc motherboard and nvidia gt440 graphics card but windows 8 gave error when it was loading after instalation

    • Usefulwindows
      Usefulwindows says:

      What error did it give you? Did you try taking the graphic card out and using the onboard for the installation. If you have other expansion cards you can try taking them out as well and restarting the installation. My friend had an issue like this and it ended up being his wireless card, he got an updated driver and it solved the issue.


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