Install Windows 8 on Compaq Presario CQ60-215DX

HP has seemed to make a lot of these CQ60 Compaq Presario laptops and let’s face it with how low they were priced the sold well.  I have used two of them and the Presario CQ60-215DX is the older one.  It originally came with Windows Vista and never seemed very fast so how well will Windows 8 run on here, we will find out.

With all of my install Windows 8 articles I again am doing a clean install of Windows 8 saving nothing.  You can also choose to do a migration from Windows Vista that will copy over your settings and files but not the programs you have installed. For this install, I will be installing the 64-bit version of Windows 8 Enterprise.

The install went well but there was a driver missing after running Windows Update.  The driver is for a coprocessor and I found out it is part of the Nvidia chipset.  I tried installing drivers for this coprocessor but nothing I tried would get that driver installed.  So you have to unpack the drivers and install it through the device manager.  First, download the drivers from here, second right-click on the zip file and select Extract.  Then go to the bottom left corner of the screen and right-click to bring up the Win-X menu (or by hitting the Windows Key and the X key at the same time) and select Device Manager.  You are going to want to right-click on the Coprocessor and select Update Driver Software, then select Browse My Computer For Driver Software and then select the folder you extracted. It should find and install the correct driver and you should be ready to go.

Clean Device Manager on Compaq Presario CQ60-215DX, and System Properties in Windows 8

Clean Device Manager on Compaq Presario CQ60-215DX

Windows 8 performs well on the Compaq Presario CQ60-215DX and I do suggest the upgrade.   I think you will find that Windows 8 will run better than Windows Vista or 7 on this machine.  You will not be able to run Hyper-V 3.0 on this machine as the processor does not support SLAT.  I ran Passmark Performance Test and this machine with Windows 8 got a 454.3, also below you can see the Windows Experience Index.

Windows 8 Experience Index on Compaq Presario CQ60-215DX

Windows 8 Experience Index on Compaq Presario CQ60-215DX

I have so say again that Microsoft did a great job getting Windows 8 to run better on older hardware than its older versions.  If you still have one of these running and you are thinking of upgrading I would say go for it.

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  1. Ed
    Ed says:

    I was able to put Win10 Pro x64 on a CQ60-215DX as well. I found the MCP77-MV driver under Vista x64 drivers on the HP website, and it’s working fine. My only gripe with this laptop is it runs awfully hot for my taste at @ 80-85C. 🙁

  2. Mr Lynch
    Mr Lynch says:

    I tried to do what you have explained but didn’t work. The message is that the driver can not be found. Do you select any folder in particular? thank you

  3. Andre
    Andre says:

    I havea CQ60-228US and have had nothing but problems with installing windows 8.1. I searched the internet and found others having blue/frown screen also. I have tried numerous repairs and installs without updates, and restore points. initially things seem to be great, but shortly afterwards the frown returns. I have a newer desktop that runs great with win 8.1 and I was hoping to do the same with this laptop. I haven’t given up hope yet, but it’s not looking too good.


  4. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Thanks! I had a customer bring me one of these with the Win8 64bit Student media… from looking at it, I would have refused the job, but then I found your post!
    Lead Technician
    Impress Computers
    Katy, TX 77469

    • Usefulwindows
      Usefulwindows says:

      Thank you Andrew! I am glad it helped. I hope to have more articles like this one up soon so make sure to check back. I am currently working on some old Pentium D systems that will make a good article or two.

      Thanks for reading


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