Fix for The Processor Is Not Supported by Windows 8

A friend of mine recently gave me a Ctl. 2Go PC tablet to install and test Windows 8 on.  This machine came with Windows 7 installed on it and Microsoft has said that if a machine can run Windows 7 then it should run Windows 8 and for the most part that is true.  So I grabbed my external DVD drive and went to work.  I ran into two problems however and the first was trying to run setup off of the DVD, try as I may I could not get that machine to boot off of the DVD.  It would attempt to do so but would get hung loading the Windows setup and then go to sleep.  So I rebooted back into Windows 7 and started setup from there and got this message.  The processor is not supported by Windows 8.  Wait, what??  It is a 1.83 GHz Intel Atom, this should be supported by Windows 8 and everything I read online said it was.

Microsoft changed Windows with Windows 8 so that it looks to see if your processor has PAE (every processor since Pentium Pro does) SSE2 (every processor since Netburst {Pentium 4} does) and NX bit or DEP as its called (Some Prescott Pentium 4’s and every processor from Prescott 2M Pentium 4’s on do)  A simple solution is to boot into the BIOS, enable DEP/NX bit and then retry setup, but this tablet does not have the option to enable DEP/NX in the BIOS. DEP stands for Data Execution Prevention and is used to combat some forms of viruses and malware.  If you want to check if DEP/NX is enabled you can download Securable which will tell you.

So what to do if you are in my boat and can not enable DEP/NX?  Well first I would check the manufactures website for the most current BIOS update and second I found a nice workaround. On the DVD in the Sources folder, the Setup file that does not check to see if DEP/NX is enabled.  If you run this from within Windows 7 you can install Windows 8.

This Setup file will not look to see if DEP is enabled

The Sources folder on the Windows 8 DVD showing the Setup file

I did this on the tablet and got Windows 8 installed, but what about older machines.  Well I have an old Compaq with a 2.0 Ghz Pentium 4 it is a Willamette core and does not support DEP/NX, I tried installing Windows 8 on this machine and used this work around but got an error trying to load Windows 8.  Your PC needs to restart.  Error Code: 0x0000005d I have tried to over come this and can not this machine is just too old for Windows 8.  So the workaround may work and I would try it, but you are trying it at your own risk.  The Compaq I restarted and selected Windows Vista (the former OS I had installed) and it rolled back the Windows 8 setup.  I say give it a try and you can check out my site as I have installed Windows 8 on many machines at this point to see if I have already installed Windows 8 and the directions on how to do so.

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  1. tmkoeln
    tmkoeln says:

    Thanks Mate you really helped me install Windows 8 on an old Toshiba Satelite MX30 with Pentium M (Windows was complaining about not beeing able to install (because of missing PAE).

    Afer research, I found out that every Pentium (since Pentium Pro do support PAE and the point is while PAE is supported setup tries to use NX-Bit (which is not supported by this dinosaur processor…).

    But thanks to your post, I have been able to launch the Windows 8 Setup from an existing Windows 7 Professional…


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