Saying Goodbye to Windows Phone 7

I had not planned on saying goodbye to Windows Phone 7 so soon but I have dropped my HTC Trophy and cracked the screen. I decided to live with the cracked screen for a few weeks now and I just need a new phone. I am a little sad as this has been a great phone, granted it probably would not have been my first choice but it was the only Windows Phone on Verizon Wireless. Now that Windows Phone 8 is here there will be three Windows Phones on Verizon.
The first phone I looked at was the HTC Windows Phone 8X, I really liked this phone but one thing hinders it for me, it only has 16 Gb of storage and does not support an SD card. This has been my complaint about my HTC Trophy so other than this the 8X is a great phone.
The second phone I checked out is the Samsung ATIV Odyssey, this phone reminds me of my old Samsung Omnia II and I really want a different design. Also, the Odyssey will not be out until sometime in December.
The third phone I looked at is the Nokia Lumia 822. This phone caught my attention, the City Lens app seems great and the Nokia Music app is awesome for a music lover like me. Plus it supports SD cards so I can take my music with me and have my phone be my mp3 player. This will be the phone I will get and I’m happy with my decision. It should be here in a few weeks and I will have a write-up on it then.
I’m so happy Verizon Wireless has some choices for their customers this time around and ill be happy to play with a new phone.

So I did get the Nokia Lumia 822 and it is a great phone, you can check out my unboxing on YouTube.