Microsoft Releases Windows 8 to Much Fanfare, Other Retailers, Not So Much

Today I went to my local Microsoft Store in the Phoenix Metro area.  It was my first time being in a Microsoft Store and I was impressed.  Microsoft made sure their employees were knowledgeable on the products including the limitations of Windows RT and the Surface RT.  I would have liked to see more tablets, they had the Surface RT and an Asus tablet that also ran Windows RT.  There were many Laptops, ultrabooks, all in ones, and even a few desktops.  They also had a Perceptive Pixel display outside the door running Windows 8.  That was a lot of fun to play with.  There were lots of people in the store and many waiting in line to buy a Surface RT.

So after that, I went over to the nearest Best Buy.  They had a great choice of laptops and ultrabooks, and the did have the Lenovo Yoga which is impressive I have to admit,  As an update a different Best Buy I went to had many all in ones and desktops running Windows 8.  They did have the same Asus tablet running Windows RT as the Microsoft Store.  We really had the place to ourselves.  I talked to a sales associate and asked them if that Windows RT Asus tablet could run traditional Windows apps.  He responded with it depends on the application.  I let him know that Windows RT could not run any traditional Windows applications only the ones in the Windows Store.  It seems like Best Buy is going all out with Windows 8 for computers but not so much with tablets.  I was told that there will be more coming in the next month or so.

After that, we went to the other big box electronics store in the Valley of the Sun, Fry’s Electronics.  They had maybe 4 Windows 8 machines in the store. The best Windows 8 machine there was a Sony convertible tablet / laptop.  What I did find interesting they had a live demo of Windows 8 with live Q and A every few hours.  I kind of felt like we were asking questions to candidates, instead of seeing about a new operating system.  There was a lot of good info there, though.

I was really hoping to see more tablets and convertible laptops and ultrabooks at the launch but I have been told every store I went to that they are coming.  We will see but as far as the retailers they seem a little apprehensive about Windows 8 and I can understand.

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