Install Windows 8 on HP Pavilion G4 – 1125DX

With Windows 8 being finalized I felt it was time to test it so installed it on my laptop which is an HP Pavilion G4 – 1125DX.  This laptop has run every public release of Windows 8 so far from the Developer Preview to the Release Preview.  I installed the final version of Windows 8 Pro just like the pre-release versions, a clean install right along Windows 7 Home Premium.  It runs great on this laptop and I had no trouble installing it at all.  Simple straightforward install.  Windows installed every driver for my devices so it was a flawless install.  If you wanted to do an upgrade from Windows 7 you can keep all your settings, files, and applications, or do a clean install like I did.

Windows 8 Pro Device Manager and System on HP Pavilion G4 - 1125DX

Device Manager and System on HP Pavilion G4

I have to say I am very impressed with the performance of the final version of Windows 8.  It just runs great on this laptop.  Microsoft has tweaked and tweaked this software and with every release, it has been a great payoff.  I am so impressed with the performance alone that I am ready to use Windows 8 full-time.  It really does run well on this laptop.  Running the PassMark Performance Test the machine gets a 514.2  Below is the Windows Experience Index and you can see how its runs.

Windows 8 Experience Index HP Pavilion G4 - 1125DX

Windows Experience Index HP Pavilion G4

Overall if you are looking at going to Windows 8 on this machine I say do it.  It runs great and I enjoy it a lot.  Windows 8 will be available for everyone on October 26 so get ready.

RIP Windows Desktop Gadgets

I liked the idea of the SideBar since I first saw it in early Longhorn builds long before Apple had widgets.  Back then the Sidebar was just that, and in some ways reminds me of the Charms Bar in Windows 8.  (I think there could be more personalization there.)  When Windows Vista was released the Desktop Gadgets in that SideBar were so cool.  I enabled them right away and never shut them off until recently.

The Windows Gadgets were in Windows 8 up through the Release Preview but a recent post from Microsoft warns that someone could craft a Gadget that could harm your computer possibly gaining access to it.  Microsoft recommends disabling the Gadgets and SideBar in Windows Vista and 7.  I have been still running them as I have run the same Gadgets for years now.  I installed the RTM version of Windows 8 recently and I have to report that the Gadgets are gone with no way to enable them.

I am a little sad to see them go but I know Microsoft’s thinking that the Live Tiles on the Start Screen are a replacement for them.  Still farewell Desktop Gadgets RIP.