You Need to Give Windows 8 a Chance!

As some of you know, I have used Windows 8 since the Developer Preview.  I had my doubts about Windows 8 but I used every build and I have to admit, I am more excited now than ever. I am ready to get rid of my laptop and buy a Windows 8 tablet!

I have heard every excuse, concern, and suggestion out there and I will say this, give Windows 8 a chance.  Let the Start Menu be dead.

I recently installed the Release Preview on an old Ctl tablet.  This device is not capable of running the Metro apps because of the screen resolution.  I still love it, in fact, I’m writing this blog post in Windows 8 in the Desktop version of IE, with the touch keyboard and this is great.

Here is the thing, I read people saying that they think Windows 8 is a tablet OS, and you know what, their right.  What they don’t know is that everyone is going to want a Windows tablet.  Seriously, get rid of your iPad’s and Android tablets, sell your laptops, those are baby toys.  This is the future of computing.  It is everything in one and a tablet is so much better than a laptop.  I have never been very happy with a laptop, it sits hot in my lap and makes me sweat. Also if I want to get real work done I use my desktop.  But being able to use a computer with my thumbs and it travels so much easier than the laptop (which is only a 14″) I am in heaven.

Is Windows 8 going to be for everyone… no, but if you want Windows without metro they have that it’s called Windows 7 or use Windows 8 with a Start Menu replacement.  You can make a simple one like this too.  You could also do what I do and pin your most commonly used programs to the beginning of the Start Screen, then you hit the Windows Key and bam it’s there.  Not that big of a deal.

The bottom line is, wait till it comes out and give Windows 8 a chance, will you?

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