Install Windows Virtual PC in any version of Windows 7

If you’re like me, you are always installing different operating systems in a virtual machine and testing things out.  I was excited to hear about a new version of Virtual PC but found out that it was only for Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate, or so I thought.  This is the reason I bought Windows 7 Ultimate for my desktop, but my laptop is still Windows 7 Home Premium.  I really wanted to be able to install operating systems on the go as well, so I tried something.

NOTE:  This will not get XP Mode working in every version of Windows 7 just Windows Virtual PC.

If you go to  You will see that Windows Virtual PC is for pretty much all versions of Windows 7.  All you have to do is download it and install it.  It will install just fine in Windows 7 Home Premium

Also, you can install the update that removes the need that your computer support Hardware Assisted Virtualization from here for the 32bit version and here for the 64-bit version  Remember to install Windows Virtual PC first.

Now you can use Windows Virtual PC in any Windows 7 versions and on hardware  that does not support Hardware Assisted Virtualization.

Windows Virtual PC installed in Windows 7 Home Premium

Windows Virtual PC installed in Windows 7 Home Premium

All in all, this is not a bad addition to my laptop, It will be nice to use this going forward.  In the future, I will see if XP Mode will work as well.  For now, this is a sweet addition.

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  1. pompomboy
    pompomboy says:

    Windows Virtual PC & XP mode !!!! Working on XP mode is very poor (256 Mo ram), not a good working XP, but it’s to see if it would be better to buy two licences. One W7 home, and one XP.
    forget this it’s not an xp in which you can work
    instead : double boot (XP / W7) will give the plenty advantages of both OS. In W7 Ultimate microsoft sells two licences !!!! business is everywhere 🙂

    • usefulwindows
      usefulwindows says:

      You can edit the XP mode virtual machine and allot it more ram, I give my XP mode 1 Gb of ram (my system has a total of 4 Gb) Giving XP Mode more ram will make it run much better.


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