Get a,, or email address

Microsoft Hotmail has been a great web mail provider for many years, but did you know you do not have to have the basic in fact you can get both and the new  I will show you how.

First I must say I have had Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, and Gmail over the years and Microsoft’s new is my favorite.  It is full featured, easy to use, and looks great.

Now getting an,, or is easy just go the Microsoft Account Sign Up Page and sign up normally but when you get down to where you need to type in the Hotmail address you want you will see that to the right is a drop down menu (shown below) that says, click on it and you will see and instead.  Simply choose the one you want Hotmail, Live, or Outlook, and finish the sign up form.


But what about well there was a different form but as of now the page is no longer active.  Looks like we can not sign up for new email addresses any more which is fine since we can sign up for,, or  Below is a picture of the old sign up page.

The Sign up for email address

The Sign up for email address

I think the email address looks more professional given the long history of the Outlook software with email.  I have changed my professional email addresses to  I hope you find the email address you are looking for, I know I have.


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