Free tool for Dual Monitors

I recently built a new computer and have dual monitors and I love it, but there were a few things I really wanted that would make this helpful.  I found a free tool to make having dual monitors more fun and productive.  Display Fusion helps a lot for this.

Fist I don’t like having the same image on both screens, now if you have a very large image Windows will stretch it across both screens but I have two screens, why not to images.  Display Fusion will allow two images to be displayed at the same time.

Display Fusion configuring two backgrounds

Display Fusion configuring two backgrounds

Second I would like a quick way to send an open window to the other monitor well Display Fusion delivers again.  It adds an extra button just to the Left of the Minimize and Maximize buttons.

Switch Monitor Button

Switch Monitor Button

To enable this feature in Display Fusion click on the Wallpaper Settings button and then click on TitleBar Buttons

Display Fusion Settings

Display Fusion Settings

All in all for the Free tool Display Fusion offers it is a great tool.  You can get it for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7, from here at

If you want to pay for the full version you can get a TaskBar on the second monitor too, I would love to have this, however, I like to keep it on the cheap.

Fix Microsoft Flight Similuator X Graphic Glitches

If you have spent any time with Microsoft Flight Simulator X you know two things.  One it is just awesome to play and very real.  Two it really taxes a system.  I recently bought a new computer for my Dad who loves this game, and the computer helped a lot but it still had issues with the graphics glitching when you turn.  So we bought a nice graphic card, Nvidia Geforce GTS 250.  The video card has a gig of ram.  I thought this would take care of it, nope.  So I got to looking and researching.  Here is the simple way to instantly improve this game.  Instantly and for cheap.

First If you are looking to buy this game get the Gold Edition, it has the fixes and the Acceleration Expansion pack.

Second, if you want to add some fun to the game then just buy and install the Acceleration Expansion Pack as it has the fixes to the game as well.

If you do not want to buy anything and just want to update the game here is what to do.  Fist install Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator X you can download it from

You Must install Service Pack 1 first (Do not install if you have installed the Acceleration Expansion pack or if you have MFS X Gold)

Then download and install Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator X from here

You must have installed Service Pack 1 first and again (Do not install if you have installed the Acceleration Expansion pack or if you have MFS X Gold)

Now the game should run better and have some enhancements, especially if you have a Direct X 10 capable graphic card.

There are other things you can do, once Flight Simulator is open click on Settings and then click on the Customize  button under Display Settings.

Here you can change the frames per second which will help smooth the video out.  I suggest putting it at 30 as this is about what the human eye can see anyway.  Feel free to move it around and test it for best results.

Advanced Space Settings in Flight Simulator

Advanced Graphic Settings in Flight Simulator


Also, there is a PDF document on Microsoft’s site that has some good info check it out here at

I hope this helps.